The Best Filipina Dating App (Why I Love South Asian Women)

Filipina dating apps

All of my friends know that I am attracted to South Asian women. In fact, I think all Asian ladies are beautiful because their boxes are tighter, their skin is smoother and their personality is more feminine. I just want to marry an Asian bride who can speak perfect English and I have realized that Filipina women’s English is the best. I’ve used the following Filipina dating apps that work really well.

˜1 Brilic

Brilic dating app is the best Filipina dating app because I met my current Filipina girlfriend via this app. She also says that Brilic is her favorite dating app. The quality of its members is very high in general and we are both satisfied with the wonderful results. I’ve tried a wide variety of Filipina dating apps and Brilic is indeed the best. It allows people to meet others in organic ways – like our ancestors did. Therefore, you don’t have to waste a few hours a day staring at your screen anymore.

˜2 AsianDate

I love Asian girls, especially South Asian beauties. AsianDate dating app has a lot of hot Filipina women who are eager to meet western men like me. I met my ex-girlfriend on AsianDate and we are still friends today. Anyone who wants to try interracial relationships with beauties from Asia must download AsianDate and enjoy the fast-track to success now. I’m not exaggerating its benefits – it is truly useful.

˜3 Tinder

When I was in the Philippines, I downloaded Tinder and met a large number of hot Filipina ladies who were keen to date western men like me. I have to point out that most Filipina girls are more traditional than western women, so they are wife materials in general. Girls that I dated via Tinder were more interested in long-term relationships rather than casual hook-ups, so I didn’t date them for long (I knew I didn’t want to marry them because I only want to start a relationship as a hook-up and then see where things go later.)

˜4 Bumble

Bumble is a cool dating app if you are a handsome man. It’s a nightmare if you are an ugly man. That’s because this app has lots of hot men competing with you for women’s attention. I remember when I was in South Asia, I used Bumble to meet women from the Philippines and it was a very useful dating app in that journey. I still remember those hot girls vividly – they were moaning so loudly in my bed. That really turned me on. Sometimes when I’m masturbating, I just use those memories to help me achieve an orgasm.

˜5 InviteTravel

If you are going to Asia, you must download InviteTravel dating app so that you can meet Asian women instantly. I downloaded this app before I went to Asia and met a hot Asian girl online before I even arrive there. Then we hooked up after we met each other in person in the Philippines. She is a sexy, funny and smart lady who teaches music and art at university. And I was truly impressed with her intelligence, beauty and courage.

˜6 Tourbar

Yes, there are many s*x tourists in the Philippines and that’s extremely normal in this day and age. Basically, if you are a single man from an English-speaking country living in Asia, people automatically assume you are a s*x tourist in some ways. That’s probably because we all know that men in English-speaking countries aren’t sexually aggressive (unlike men in Italy and France). As a result, men in English-speaking countries tend to lack sexual options and may need to go to Asia and find good luck there. Tourbar is very popular amongst s*x tourists in the Philippines, so if you would like to join them, you can try this Filipina dating app.

˜7 Badoo

Badoo dating app is a big dating platform for all singles around the world, including Filipina ladies who are ready to meet western men like me. I have a close friend who is teaching English in the Philippines. She is an American woman in her 30s. She told me that one of her students (a Filipina stunner) literally asked her, “How can I marry a western man?” My friend wasn’t surprised because she knew western men like me always date Filipina stunners. Then she told her student to join Badoo dating app because that student was above 18 years of age.

˜8 Zoosk

This is another Filipina dating app that is very beneficial if you join it in the Philippines. Remember: You probably have to go to the Philippines and then download a good Filipina dating app there. That’s the best way to meet women in the Philippines. Zoosk is a fantastic mainstream dating app that you can use in the Philippines. Many of my friends tried this app and they never have any negative comments on this app.

˜9 Tourbar

Tourbar dating app is one of the most popular Filipina dating apps in the world. It has so many hot Filipina girls who want to date western tourists. So, if you are visiting the Philippines, you can find a local tour guide (a sexy Filipina woman) who is willing to show you around. Meanwhile, you can build a friendship or a relationship with her so that you two can both benefit from this app. It is said that Tourbar is extremely popular in Asia, especially in South Asian countries such as the Philippines, so please don’t miss out on this phenomenal Filipina dating app.

˜10 Seeking

If you don’t mind spending some money on hot Filipina beauties, you may consider downloading Seeking on Android. Honestly, I find women from Asia very practical, meaning they know what they want – they are looking for financially successful men who can take care of them; they generally want serious commitments. I like girls from Asia who are practical, down-to-earth and smart. Seeking requires a relatively high monthly membership fee from male members because it’s for rich men to meet attractive women. Therefore, if you aren’t rich, this app isn’t for you. But if you are an established man who would like to spend money to look after himself, then Seeking dating app is definitely for you! All of my successful friends are on Seeking dating app because they are interested in meeting younger women from Asia (including Filipina girls) to have arrangements. It is said that 40% of Seeking’s generous members are married men. That means: 1) most wealthy men aren’t single; 2) married men generally make more money than single men because they don’t have to worry about looking for a wife anymore – they can focus on building a successful career; 3) Asian beauties are really practical – they know the importance of meeting rich men who can change their lives forever; 4) Filipina women are probably the cleverest women in Asia because a lot of them are on Seeking dating app.

          In summary, the best Filipina dating app is Brilic and the second-best is AsianDate. Of course, you can also try various travel dating apps while visiting the Philippines and meet hot Filipina ladies there. Don’t forget to bring your own condoms because condoms in Asian supermarkets are smaller due to their generic size.