My Filipina Dating encounter

I married a beautiful Lady from the Philippines who is the heart and soul of my life. My Filipina Dating encounter is reason why we now run several Filipina Dating sites that are 100% FREE membership for both male and female members. Our Dating sites are built around a community of single men and wanting a different life be it they are seeking a Filipina Penpal, Filipina Bride or are searching for that special Filipina Date to have someone to talk to during those lonely weekends. All members of Filipina Dating can have their own photo album, guestbook, blog, instant messaging, send a wink, block unwanted members, maintain a favorite list, comment under members photos, send messages, and many more Web 2.0 features to help in your search.

We recommend that all members start out as Filipina Penpals in their search for love. There are many single Filipina and Asian Ladies looking for a gentleman that is marriage minded. Our goal is to give you a place to search for a compatible mate. But only the gentleman and lady involved can decide if they are a match. That is why we recommend you start as pen pals and build your relationship to see if there is enough spark that ignites into love.

Even though our site is mostly ladies from the Philippines, we welcome all nationalities. We have ladies from all Asian countries hoping to meet a gentleman. Our Filipina Dating site is meant for sincere members who want to meet someone for a friend or more. If your goal is to hustle or scam, you are not welcomed. Please move on. We tell all members not to send money to other members during the get to know each other stage and to report any member who is hustling for money.

The quality of your journey depends on your persistence. Those who treat love as if it is a shopping expedition usually don’t find the person best suited for them. During that journey there will be some road blocks. You are dealing with a variety of personalities and only time can determine if the person is right for you. Don’t let a pretty face or a portfolio be your only criteria to finding love. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

Our photo gallery is full of single men and asian ladies looking for a sincere person to begin their journey of love. If you are a male member, recommend you explore the Filipino culture through the Internet, For most men, their journey will take them to the Philippines to meet their future bride, but having an understanding of the Filipino culture gives you some common ground to help in your search for a single Pinay from the Philippines.

Eileen and I will gladly help if we can. We are not visa experts, but if we can point you in the right direction to help you on your journey we will. We wish you luck, but if this ugly mug of mine can find a beautiful lady that loves me as much as I love her, it doesn’t take luck, it takes attitude and persistence to find a filipina heart that will love you forever.