How to Arrange For a Date With an Asian Girl

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Guys, if you are reading this then I know that you must be wondering how to arrange for a date with Asian girls. You see it’s not that difficult as most guys think it is. The problem is all the clueless guys that never seem to figure out any sort of Asian girl-dating strategy. Well, I have good news for you, hookup Asian ladies are easier to find on the internet than you might think.

It seems that most western guys would prefer to date Asian chicks because they think they are the easiest to game. Most guys don’t even know how to arrange for a date with an Asian girl, or how to pick up a woman in a bar in Vegas. But guess what? Asian girls are different.

Here are some tips to help you hookup Asian women:

  • First, you will want to find someone to date with in Asia. There are literally thousands of Asian women living and dating throughout the world. A quick internet search will reveal a ton of places to find Asian women. A quick internet search will also reveal a lot of Asian hookup sites where you can arrange for a date with an Asian girl. You need a place to hookup.
  • Second, when you find someone to date with on top hookup sites with Asian women, don’t take them to a bar to have a drink with you and then go home. That is so embarrassing. You should instead arrange for a date in your apartment. Now I know you think I’m nuts, but I’ve had some pretty wild hookups in apartments with people from the USA and with whom I was actually quite comfortable. Why wouldn’t you want to arrange a date in your own home?
  • Third, make sure that you arrange for a date in advance. You do not want to find out about the date you have arranged for 2 hours before it rolls around. You want it to be a complete surprise. It will be even better if you arrange to have the date in your own country, so that no one knows what you are doing.

So now you know how to arrange for a date with an Asian girl. It really shouldn’t be all that hard.


  1. Welch

    The fact that you’re not in a desperate position to find a date can make you seem more attractive to women.

  2. Tillie

    Despite being a shy guy, women love to feel that they’re being able to communicate with men.

  3. Matthews

    You don’t want to end up awkward and frightened, so keep things light and approachable.

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