FilipinoCupid Review (Best free Asian dating guide)

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About FilipinoCupid

The top dating site FilipinoCupid belongs to such a giant as Cupid Media, the owner and author of many other similar projects. Not all of them are equally successful, but FilipinoCupid definitely is. 

With 3.5 mln. active members, the site unites singles since 2001 and remains pretty classical since. Both local Filipino men and westerners are known to use this dating site and find the match. 

Users’ success stories 

Filipina women have always been popular among American and Australian men, especially retired ones. However, no one wants to take a risk and go to a strange place not being prepared. 

Chatting on FilipinoCupid is a good preparation, it brings people together and helps to find a guide among beautiful Pina girls. Here is what male users share about their positive experience. 

“I met Andrea on FC when she was 25 and I was 54. It sounds like a big gap, but she had a child already and looked pretty mature. I didn’t care anyway, we just wanted to be happy and less lonely. 

So, she became my season wife as I was coming there each two or three months to spend a few weeks with her and her little daughter. Never we had any conflict or misunderstanding, all is just perfect. 

I guess it’s a big relief for her that I’m providing their food and medicals, but she has a soft character anyway and just isn’t capable of creating conflicts. I think I found what I always wanted”. 

“Jasmine and I, we were chatting for six months on FilipinoCupid before I finally was able to travel to see her. I chatted with other girls too but I liked her the most, she is half American and half Filipino. 

Thanks to her heritage, she has a business mind and we easily started a small project together when I arrived. I can totally rely on her and she’s also my best friend, my lover, my chef, my caretaker. 

I am grateful to such sites since otherwise single westerners would need to organize things by themselves and meet complete strangers. I felt at ease with Jasmine when we met, and it’s thanks to FC”. 

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Critics about FilipinoCupid

The flaws start from the layout of the site where we see rather a ladyboy than a real Filipina woman. It means, one needs to be careful with the database too, and analyze the profiles thoroughly. 

Others complain the site isn’t free, and nothing can be done for free there after registering. But it’s like that on all Cupid Media platforms, and they are considered low-budget by the experts. 

Young westerners think FilipinoCupid isn’t trendy or modern enough. Indeed, there are no unusual features or dating blog that would suit the most inquisitive minds. But design is nice and neat. 

How to spot an honest Filipina? 

There’s no man traveler who wouldn’t hear about Filipina girls. They are so popular and achievable. Still aren’t in your conquering list? Maybe you just didn’t know how to approach them.

Where to start, you may ask? First of all, indicate whether a girl is genuine or just a paid professional. Genuine girls are rather timid and shy on the beginning even if they like you very much. 

Professionals are so smiling, welcoming and unnaturally friendly that you can almost smell the falseness. They are also comfortable with grabbing different parts of your body and other vulgar gestures. 

Girls who work in a bar attracting and entertaining the visitors, aren’t prostitutes but they are still professionals just like dancers in nightclubs. Their smiles and friendly attitude look more natural. 

But you can recognize them by special words they constantly use. They can flirt with you for hours but it’s just their job. You’ll get nothing in the end. On the other hand, waiters are usually modest. 

Those are hard-working students who are not selling themselves and you can try normal dating with them. Other than that, cute and shy Filipina girls have nothing to do in a bar or a nightclub. 

So if you want only this kind of mate, better try day game. Big malls, beaches and parks are perfect places for meeting “a good girl”. Luckily they don’t expect your courtship to last for months. 

Local girls are honored to catch a foreign man who is good-looking and generous. At the same time, they are not exactly into a “sugar daddy” type. They just appreciate and cherish all signs of attention. 

They do like fatherly behavior meaning that you organize things and always make sure she’s ok. It is rooted in Asian culture that usually raises submissive women and dominating men. 


How to date a Filipina properly? 

Although there are no considerable restrictions in Filipina culture for short flings and one-night-stands, girls are still afraid to “lose their face” and look like easy-virtue females for the others. 

It means – no frank touches on a public unless you’re a stable couple. No kisses, no frank glances with an intimate smile, no loud laughter etc. However, a Filipina girl likes all that a lot. 

Of course, on a condition that others can’t see you. Also you shouldn’t criticize her in any way when others hear what you’re saying. She is already happy if you’re with her longer than a week. 

It means you’re not a womanizer and you really like her personality. She also values a lot that you’re not a hard drinker or a party guy. She has childish likes and wishes such as stuffed toys and chocolates. 

It’s nothing if you’re getting a cute submissive lover in return. It’s easy to have a conversation with Filipina girl as their English is far from perfect and they aren’t super intellectual. 

You can discuss the weather, places to go in Filipinaland or tell her compliments – she’s fine with any simple topics. If she’s a good cook or can make a traditional massage, you get extra bonuses.

Keep in mind that she’s too reserved in comparison with Western girls and you might never guess there is some problematic issue until it’s sky-high. You can try asking her very direct questions.

It can be about her opinions or emotional state. Step by step, she’ll learn how to be less polite and more open. Don’t worry though, they’ll never reach the extreme feminist level of bravery. 

Filipina girls are not exactly jealous, but they like to “own” a man once they slept with him. Their behavior changes and they are showing to everyone that you and her are together. 

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It makes things difficult if you want to proceed with meeting new girls. You can try to have fun while she’s at work or with her parents. Another tip for a successful game: don’t hang out in groups. 

Don’t take your friend or two to the place where you’re expecting to find a girl. Girls will either think it’s a kind of trap or just get too shy for answering back. Be a lone wolf and you’ll get them intrigued.

Filipina girls will make you addicted to their admiration. They are their man’s biggest fans. They shower you with the compliments, laugh at your jokes and look at you with a typical puppy glance. 

You can ask them freely about being more diligent in a bed and they won’t get offended. They will do everything for their king. Most of men are fascinated by this trait and remain fully satisfied.