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The exotic nature of a Filipina Lady makes her sexuality a focal point of many men. Before I discuss, I must say that I run a family site. I’m no prune, but no nude or inappropriate pictures are allowed on the site, along with language that does not fit in with a G rating for movies. I don’t mind a sexy photo, but the out and out nude or rude photos is not what we are looking for. If you see a photo or language on one of our Filipina Dating sites that seems inappropriate, please report it.

When I think of a Filipina Lady sexuality, I think of the way she carries herself and how she reacts to life’s perils. She smiles, her eyes reflect her caring and when she draws near you can feel her openness to your concerns. It is a trait a man can’t explain but makes his stomach do flip flops when she gives him the attention he can’t find in himself.

The first time I met Eileen, I thought happiness. The first time we got close, I felt there was a connection as friends, lovers and the acceptance of love with no pretense. If that is not sexy, I don’t know what is.

The physical sexuality is something you can’t help but to notice. A Filipina Lady’s long silky hair, her smooth skin and a smile that seem to radiant in the air you breathe, will make any man feel a little dizzy after one look, one touch and a kiss that brings you closer to heaven.

As I said, this is a family site so I’m not going down the explicit road of sexuality, but if you are a man who imagines a Filipina Lady in your life, you have every right to believe that your imagination may be closer to truth than fiction. And yes, it is true what they say about sex being better when you are in love.

So there is nothing wrong with wanting to find love and to have a healthy sex life with a little fantasy and exotic play to spice up your evenings. There is also nothing wrong with finding a Filipina Lady as the object of your fantasy. I think the formula is simple. You love her, treat her with respect and in turn she wants to show her appreciation. The operative word here is “want.” She is not forced to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Something feminists have a hard time comprehending. Instead, what exists is a mutual pleasure derived from mutual respect and appreciation for the love you share with each other. Sexy, love and happiness, it seems to be what I found and what most men see in a Filipina Lady.

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