Do you cuddle after a hookup: Dos and dont’s in a casual affair

Hookuping with someone doesn’t mean we are emotionless. Very often, we still want to embrace a person, at least being thankful for good sex. But is it appropriate and what do experts say?

“After my divorce, I spent four years hookuping and I can say there’s nothing wrong in cuddling after casual sex. But it’s not possible with just every partner, a person should be flexible enough.

Many are stressed by the possibility that our hookup will get attached to us if we kiss or hug a lot. That’s a nonsense, why not to give some affection to someone you sleep with, it’s not harmful”.

“As an experienced guy, I never cuddle with my Vietnam hookups after sex. I do not show any other signs of tenderness either. Why to give the false hope, plus it’s wasting my time and decreasing the excitement.

Yet, I know some girls who do not mind to hug a lot even though they understand the limits and follow them. When I know a person well enough, I can give extra kiss or hug but that’s pretty rare”.


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