Asian Dating



The article consists of four parts. In the first one, Asian matchmaking some links to Asian online matchmaking websites. In the second Asian dating a few words about the difference between dating online and in real. Meeting a woman in Asia is somehow different, than meeting with a European, American, or Australian one. The third part is about Asian brides, particularly about Thai brides. I know this country better than other in the region. And the last, fourth part is a short appendix about girls in Cambodia and Vietnamese girls.

I’ve spend more than 3 years in Asia, mainly in Taiwan and Thailand. I’ve lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong-Kong, and Macao. I dare say I know this part of the world. Cultural differences are huge, but breaking them, for pleasure, love or to founding a family, can be an amazing experience.

Asian Matchmaking

AsianDating is ex AsianEuro website. The good thing is that you can join for free and send emails to other members, who have paid for the service. It’s particularly useful for Asian girls who have not enough money to pay for it, or don’t have credit card. The system let you enter into the contact by email or private messaging. The service has a lot of sister’s websites: Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippines etc.

I didn’t like ChnLove (China Love) for very simple reason – you can’t do anything before you don’t subscribe. I didn’t, I don’t like such a lack of hospitality.

The site LoveMe has a big Asian department. The site looks a little bit spamy and old fashioned, but comparing to AsianDating has one feature which makes it more true. All photos of the girls on AsiaDating look like executed by the same photographer who asked for the same stupid smile. On the LoveMe site there are many different photos, some of them good, some bad, some sexy, some not at all. I suppose that they have a completely different policy in a matter of photos, moderators are less paranoid, so the effect is positive. I’ll look deeper into this site someday. For a moment I left it with a question mark.

Asian Dating II

Of course the biggest, the most known internet database of women, including Asian women, is matchcom. This is definitely number one. I don’t really like their policy in a matter of photos and personal ads, they are paranoid and their necessity to be political correct is sometimes simply stupid, but I have to mention this web because of the quantity of women one can meet there. And technically they perform well, very well.

From all other thousands of websites I’ve chosen AsiaFuns for one reason – it’s totally free. You just register and then you may contact whoever you want. At least you can try, it costs zero.

Asian Dating
I’ll write something what goes against the previous paragraph. My opinion is: if you really want to date with Asian women, buy an air ticket and go to Asia. If you meet a woman by internet and want to see her anyway you’ll pay for the ticket. So the price will be exactly the same.

Asian Dating III

And meeting women in real is always better. Doesn’t matter what’s your aim: pleasure, love, or family, whatever: reality is better. And another factor: Asia is not “a culture”, not “a country”. They are very different. Maybe on the screen a girl from Cambodia looks like a girl from Taiwan, but they won’t behave in the same way. Who are men who often use internet dating sites to meet women? Weak men. Strong men don’t do it. If you are looking for an Asian dating website then my advice is: go to Thailand or Cambodia. Just go there and you’ll change your opinion about yourself, about women, about love, about everything what you have learnt, about the relation between man and woman. Open your eyes and your heart. Don’t forget to open your wallet also. It helps a lot.

Asian brides & Thai brides
There are things which are so individual, that writing about them is like giving oneself the right to write about god. No one has the right to write about god, or we all have the right to do it. Love, family, and sex are so individual things that their beauty lies in the lack of rules. There are no rules. However… a marriage between a Thai woman, and a Swedish (let’s say) man sooner or later has to conduct to a conflict. My only advice is: spend two years together before you got married. It’s enough time to understand, see the differences, and learn how to resolve conflicts. In some way the risk is higher. And the higher is the reward.

Cambodian and Vietnamese girls

The end of this article will be dirty. Thailand is paradise, that’s certain. Malaysia is a different story because of Islam. China is different too. Sex in Vietnam is not so visible like in Thailand, but worth of sin. And what about Phnom-Penh? Amazing. Absolutely first class women. Some of them extremely beautiful, pure dream. A night with a girl is only $10. And if you chose well you’ll find yourself in a danger: love is just on the corner. If you go for a second, for a third time with the same girl you’re closer and closer to lose your head. And you’ll lose it faster than you think. I have the head number 44 currently. And slanted eyes.