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Simon Cohen

Simon Cohen

Contributing Editor, A/V

Simon Cohen covers a variety of consumer technologies, but has a special interest in audio and video products, like whole-home music systems, true wireless earbuds and headphones, 4K HDR TVs, and surround sound technologies like Dolby Atmos. He has written for, Mobilesyrup,, and VentureBeat, and appeared as a guest tech expert on international TV and radio programs, including BBC Radio, CTV News Channel, and CBC Radio. He is currently a full-time contributor to Digital Trends' Audio/Video section.

Soundcore Motion 300 top view.

Soundcore Motion 300 review: great sound, even better price

Soundcore's Motion 300 might be similarly equipped to other Bluetooth speakers, but its price and sound set it apart.
Plex Discover Together.

Plex is now a social media platform for movie and TV fans

Plex's new Discover Together feature lets you add your friends on the platform so you can see, share, and comment on your shared love of movies and shows.
Man wearing Soundcore AeroFit Pro in Electric Purple with the optional neckband.

Soundcore’s first open-ear earbuds come with an optional neckband

Anker's Soundcore brand has entered the open-ear earbuds race with two new models, including the AeroFit Pro, which has hi-res, spatial audio, and a neckband.
Earfun Free Pro 3 wireless noise-canceling earbuds in three colors.

Earfun Free Pro 3 wireless earbuds will make you question Apple’s prices

Earfun's Free Pro 3 once again challenges the notion that you need to pay big dollars for big wireless earbud features.
Klipsch City Series Bluetooth Speakers.

Klipsch takes on Marshall with three new portable and rugged Bluetooth speakers

Klipsch has added three new portable and rugged Bluetooth speakers that bear a striking resemblance to three of Marshall's models.
Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 in Spaced Aluminium.

B&O’s latest speaker is a love letter to aluminum

Bang & Olufsen's Beosound A5 portable wireless speaker is now available in an all-aluminum finish with 3,500 floating discs.
Samsung Galaxy Buds FE in open case, sitting among plants.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE review: a rare case of Android envy

Samsung's most affordable noise-canceling wireless earbuds are so good that it's a shame they only make sense for Android users.
Sony WF-1000XM5 in silver.

Best noise-canceling earbuds for 2023: from Sony, Soundcore, Jabra, and more

Are you looking for a set of noise-canceling earbuds, but you're not sure where to start? We've picked the best models for every activity and every budget.
Anker Soundcore Motion X500 speaker in three colors.

Anker Soundcore’s Motion X500 packs spatial audio into a more portable package

Anker Soundcore's latest Bluetooth speaker packs hi-res audio, spatial sound, and a mini light show in a very portable shape.
Image of Qualcomm-branded earbuds with tiles for Qualcomm's S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 sound platforms.

Qualcomm’s new Wi-Fi chips are poised to revolutionize wireless audio

Qualcomm's latest chips for wireless earbuds and headphones add Wi-Fi connectivity, expanding wireless range and vastly increasing bandwidth.
Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones seen in silver.

Best headphones for 2023: Sony, Bose, Apple, and more

From budget-friendly to the best that money can buy, these are the headphones you should be shopping for.
Marantz CD 50n networked CD player.

Marantz’s CD 50n adds HDMI to a networked CD player

Marantz has combined CD playback, streaming audio, and an HDMI input in a single unit for folks who don't need SACD compatibility.
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones: Earcup/logo close-up.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones review: a new ANC and spatial audio king

It's been a long four years, but Bose has exceeded our expectations with the QuietComfort Ultra Headphones.
Close-up of earcup on Sony WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones.

The best wireless headphones for 2023 from Bose, Sony, 1More and more

Can you get great sound quality and wireless freedom in the same set of headphones? Absolutely. These are the best wireless headphones you can buy right now.
Astell&Kern HB1 Bluetooth DAC/amp seen with portable game console.

Astell&Kern’s new headphone DAC is PlayStation-ready

The Astell&Kern HB1 Bluetooth DAC has two features that make it a great companion for hi-res fans who own PlayStation or Nintendo consoles.
1More Aero wireless earbuds.

Why do my wireless earbuds keep connecting when they’re in their case?

Why do wireless earbuds stay connected to your phone when they're in their case? And why do they sometimes connect by themselves? We have some answers.
House of Marley Little Bird true wireless earbuds.

House of Marley’s new earbuds make sustainability more affordable

House of Marley has always been big on eco-friendly designs, but the Little Bird wireless earbuds break new ground on affordability.
A collection of open-ear earbuds in their charging cases.

The best open-ear earbuds and headphones for 2023

Want the convenience of wireless earbuds but don't want to block out the world? You want a set of open-ear earbuds. These are the best.
Sennheiser Accentum Wireless headphones.

Sennheiser Accentum Wireless review: sub-$200 wireless cans hit the sweet spot

Sennheiser's Accentum Wireless deliver great sound and noise cancellation in a bare-bones, affordable set of headphones.
Pixel Buds Pro and the case.

Google says the Pixel Buds Pro/Pixel 8 phone combo is better for calls — it’s not that simple

Google says that with Bluetooth Super Wideband, its Pixel Buds Pro are better for calls on Pixel 8 phones. Here's how that does (and doesn't) work.
The Samsung Xpress C460FW on the operating table.

I dismantled my 8-year-old printer to replace a tiny piece of rubber — and it was so worth it

When my 2015 Samsung laser printer stopped working, I turned to YouTube for the fix.
A PlayStation 5 connected to a TV, showing the Sony Pictures Core interface.

Sony’s Bravia Core gets a new name, and new PS4/PS5 apps

Sony Bravia Core, the streaming service that boasts Blu-ray levels of quality, has been renamed Sony Pictures Core and is now on PlayStation consoles.
Front view of Simon Cohen wearing the Ultimate Ears Premier wired IEMs.

How $3,000 earbuds almost ruined music for me

Ultimate Ears Pro has packed a total of 42 drivers into the UE Premier and slapped a $3,000 price on these wild IEMs. Can they possibly be worth the money?
The Sonus Faber Duetto wireless speakers in natural wood.

Sonus Faber’s Duetto are the first wireless speakers to use UWB

Sonus Faber's new Duetto wireless speakers are the first to use ultra-wideband technology to link the left and right sides.
Samsung Galaxy Buds FE in graphite.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds are surprisingly affordable

The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE ring in at just $100, making these noise-canceling wireless earbuds Samsung's most affordable set so far.
Dali IO-12 wireless headphones.

Dali says its latest wireless headphones achieve electrostatic levels of clarity

Dali's latest headphones, the IO-12, aren't exactly cheap at $1,299, but the company says they deliver performance that matches headphones that cost far more.
Earfun EH100 hi-res audio wired IEMs.

Earfun makes hi-res audio more accessible with affordable earbuds and DAC

Earfun has launched its first two affordable, wired hi-res audio products -- the EH100 wired IEMs, and the EA100 headphone DAC/amp.
A Pioneer Xumo TV from Best Buy.

Best Buy expands its affordable Xumo TV lineup with Pioneer-branded models

Best Buy expands its exclusive relationship with Xumo TV by adding Pioneer-branded models to its affordable TV lineup.
Sony Bravia A75L OLED 4K TV.

Sony’s A75L is its most affordable 4K OLED TV so far

You'll soon be able to buy Sony's Bravia A75L OLED 4K TV, which lowers the entry price of a Sony OLED TV by up to $500.
LG M3 Wireless OLED review

New LG TVs could stop working with over-the-air broadcasts by 2027

The future of NextGen TV hits an unexpected speed bump as LG threatens to walk away from ATSC 3.0 in its 2024 TVs.
Tivoli Audio SongBook Max in green.

Tivoli Audio reimagines its SongBook as two retro-style boomboxes

The Tivoli Audio SongBook is back, but it looks nothing like the original clock radio from 2004. The SongBook and SongBook Max are powerful Bluetooth portables.
Sony LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo worn by the singer.

Olivia Rodrigo’s latest collaboration is a set of limited-edition Sony LinkBuds S

The Sony LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo are a limited-edition set of Sony's wireless earbuds in the singer's favorite color.
Sennheiser Accentum wireless headphones in black and white colors.

Sennheiser’s new budget-friendly headphones get a very high-end feature

Sennheiser's Accentum wireless headphones are priced under $200, yet their USB-C digital audio connection is a rarity even at twice that price.
Klipsch The Three Plus tabletop wireless speaker.

New Klipsch tabletop wireless speakers are a more affordable, capable take on mid-century modern

Klipsch's new The One and The Three Plus tabletop wireless speakers evolve the company's mid-century modern style, with better support for digital audio.